About us

PearlBar is Australia’s own activated-charcoal teeth whitening expert.

We love your pearls, and want to help you care for them using nature’s most powerful cleaning agents.

We are passionate about filling the world with eco-friendly products, which is why everything we make is 100% biodegradable. We are also passionate about giving back, which is why we donate both product and profit. Head over to #Makethechange to read about our mission.

A note from the Founder, Bridget Rose.

First and foremost, I’d like to say a big thank you to the PearlBar customers around the world who continue to help me help us, to save the planet from plastic overload. Every toothbrush and biodegradable floss pick sold means such a big difference to the living conditions of our marine life, and your willingness to make a small change where you can, to help improve their conditions, makes you the apple of my eye!



A bit about me? I’m a Sunshine Coast (Australia) gal who loves nothing more than a vegan lifestyle and all things that go along with it. I’m openly obsessed with animals (any weird cat/dog/ dolphin/whatever people, enquire within!). I’m passionate about people (change-makers particularly), environmental sustainability and philanthropy. Travel is bomb, too.

My little babe that is PearlBar was born in 2015 as a teeth-whitening clinic. Our take-home toothbrushes were super popular right from the get-go, and it struck me that the oral care industry was in dire need of an overhaul.

As it stands, traditional plastic products can be unsafe and environmentally damaging. Somehow, we seem to have overlooked so many incredibly effective natural remedies and teeth whitening agents that have been used and loved for thousands and thousands of years. I, for one, am here to help them make a comeback. Enter PearlBar.

I’m pretty unrelenting (to say the least), which I think is a good thing when it comes to my mission: to transform everyday routines such as oral care into a better, planet-loving practices, and to give back to the world in the process. I live to make this world a better place, and if you’re down to come along for the ride, please consider this an official invite to join me! BYO only (jokes... I'll share).

Here! Let us shower you with pearl-related deals and deets.