PearlBar Glo Up Practice

Hey there! We're excited you're here. We believe that brightening your smile is about more than whitening your teeth. Here, we've provided an easy and quick resource for practices that we know will bring more joy, motivation and GLO to your day. ENJOY! And be sure to let us know how it goes.

1. Get Mindful.

10-minute meditation

Find a sunny spot or place in your home where you feel comfortable, safe and quiet. Start by simply listening to your breath flow in and out without catching on your thoughts. Just sit back and observe. You may also choose to repeat a mantra such as ‘I am kindness, I am love, I glow from the inside out’. There's no judgement here. If your mind wanders, just gently bring it back to the present moment by repeating your mantra and focusing on the breath.

2. Embrace Gratitude.

Grab your journal or a loose piece of paper and a pen. Write out 10 things you’re grateful for and how they make you feel! Get detailed. What happens in your heart and mind when you focus on what's going right? Who in your life has been a positive influence lately? What do you have right now that you haven't always had access to? We’ll start - we’re grateful for YOU because you make us feel special for choosing us as your Glo Guru!

3. Move your Body!

Let's get physical. Your body is where you store your worries, emotions, dreams, aspirations and fears. Movement creates space for all of this to dislodge, move around, and shake out. Move your body for 20 minutes. Walk, run, cartwheel - anything you like, but give yourself the gift of shifting your energy at least 20 minutes per day. Watch what happens! If you'd like, add a journal entry after your movement practice and write about what shifted and how you felt before and after. You might be surprised what a difference it can make. 

4. Find your FLOW.

Spend 20 minutes in your FLOW STATE. To find this state, choose something that makes you lose track of time - cooking a delicious and nourishing meal, an uplifting conversation with a friend, painting. This time is incredibly nourishing for your body, mind and soul. Let time blur and move moment to moment with wonder, awe and appreciation for life.

5. GLO it Forward.

Make time to consider and perform 1 act of selfless kindness (either for a stranger or someone near and dear). This could be as little as a compliment, or as big as an organ donation. This will align your energy with a high frequency which means more high-frequency experiences. It will also amplify your GLO as you pass it to others and they move forward into their experience with more light and joy.

“To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.”

Be sure to tag us on Instagram @pearlbarshop using #PBgloup to let us know when you've started on your Glo-Up journey, we want to see you!