PLASTIC OVERLOAD - #makethechange for your environment!

PLASTIC OVERLOAD - #makethechange for your environment!

If you stop and think about it, we are constantly surrounded by plastic. As you are reading this blog, I am typing on a plastic keyboard, using a plastic mouse and (unfortunately) sitting on a plastic chair. Plastic is an epidemic – wrapped up in the food we eat, the water we drink, and contain the products we use everyday such as shampoo, detergent, and so forth.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, 2006) BILLIONS of pounds of floating plastic drift for years before eventually concentrating in swirling convergences in the oceans making up about 40 percent of the world’s ocean surfaces! If you are not alarmed yet, you should be, because this waste does not break down!  

Believe it or not, there is such a huge patch of plastic garbage in the ocean right now, which is twice the size of Texas – with plastic pieces outnumbering sea life six to one.

It is called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch ( and it’s located off the coast of California and is the largest ocean garbage site in the world.


We are advised to change our toothbrush every 1-3 months  by our dentists, which (if you’re not careful) is a very quick way to add to this current epidemic! Because of this, PearlBar has come up with a way to help you make a difference.  Our Planet-loving Bamboo Toothbrush was born out of this desire to literally – get down to the roots of the problem.

Bamboo, which is what our toothbrush is made from, provides considerable environmental benefits. It is used for ecological purposes such as soil stabilization and erosion prevention on hill slopes and verges. It is a very important forestry plant which is harvested from existing natural forests, plantations, and mixed agricultural and forestry systems. (  In addition to this, it grows incredibly fast and there is LOTS of it!


I am very pleased to tell you that not only is PearlBar’s Bamboo Toothbrush 100% BIODEGRADABLE, it is also your best friend in fighting away those dark cavities with its Charcoal-Infused bristles.

There has been a lot of buzz lately about home remedies to help preserves those pearly whites – which can be confusing at times to ultimately settle on which product or method to try.

Thank goodness the University Of Michigan Health System (UMHS) has come out with an article outlining the medical effectiveness of activated charcoal for our resplendent human bodies.

In the article, they say “Charcoal used for health conditions is usually “activated” to make it a very fine powder, which increases its effectiveness. Activated charcoal can chemically attach, or adsorb, to a variety of particles and gases, which makes it ideal for removing potentially toxic substances from the digestive tract. Activated charcoal is not absorbed into the body, so it carries adsorbed substances out of the body by excrement.” Also, they made it a point to declare that “No other adverse side effects have been reported.”  (


Virtually every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists in some shape or form (with the exception of the small amount that has been incinerated). PearlBar is asking you to give Mother Earth a break. Help stop this vicious plastic plague and help by switching to the world's most useful plant, the PearlBar Bamboo toothbrush.

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