What’s The Buzz About Sonic Electric Toothbrushes?

What’s The Buzz About Sonic Electric Toothbrushes?

Why are Sonic Electric Toothbrushes like PearlBar's better than your standard plastic toothbrush?

We all know that Electric Toothbrushes are more effective than your traditional toothbrush. But why? In a nutshell, ultrasonic waves emitted from the Sonic toothbrush (thousands of waves per second) remove plaque up to 4mm beyond the bristles of the brush, cleaning your teeth and gums far more efficiently and effectively than hand and bristle motion can achieve alone. Ultrasonic waves also render bacteria harmless upon contact, affording you a cleaner mouth and fresher breath. 

Standard manual toothbrushes cannot get into every nook and cranny, leaving sections between your teeth where plaque can build up and eventually cause cavities, bad breath and various health issues. With the Pearlbar Sonic Toothbrush, ultrasonic waves reach beyond the bristle coverage area to clean spots other toothbrushes can’t penetrate, making it your toothbrush of choice for optimal dental hygiene and a pearly white smile.  

How does PearlBar do it best?

Numerous studies on Sonic Toothbrushes have been conducted in recent times like this peer-reviewed study by the ‘National Library of Medicine’ in Washington, which clearly reflects the effectiveness and benefits of using a quality Sonic Toothbrush. Pearlbar has taken this amazing Sonic technology one step further by creating the world’s first Sonic Electric Toothbrush using a bamboo brush head in alignment with  Pearlbar’s mission to produce quality products which are kind to us and our planet. 

What About Toothpaste?

Your PearlBar Sonic Electric Toothbrush can’t do its best work without a superstar toothpaste, and most of the standard toothpaste brands out there are far more dangerous than you might realize. Did you know the lining of your mouth is 50 times more absorbent than your skin? Can you imagine how easily chemicals are absorbed into your body when using chemically-based brands of toothpaste (yes...that’s most brands found in your local drug store)? Many people have experienced the sudden onset of sensitive teeth when using chemically based whitening toothpastes. 

As stated in this informative article titled ‘10 Biggest Causes of Tooth Sensitivity’ by Everyday Health: “Many manufacturers add whitening chemicals to their toothpaste formulas and some people are more sensitive to them than others. If your toothpaste contains (chemical) whitening agents, consider switching to one that doesn’t”. 

This is why Pearlbar’s ‘Charcoal Natural Whitening Toothpaste’, which harnesses all the goodness of nature’s strongest whitening ingredients (like Binchotan Charcoal and Bentonite Clay), is a much healthier option for you to use in conjunction with the Pearlbar Sonic Toothbrush. So put down the chemicals and say goodbye to your standard plastic toothbrush. Choose your health, your smile, and your planet with PearlBar.

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Article by Helen Rose

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