How much toothpaste you should you actually use?

Class in session. Today's topic is about our favourite thing - teeth cleaning. More specifically, how much is too much toothpaste. 
Are you a 'small spec on the bristles' type of brusher? Or do you prefer more toothpaste than bristles? PearlBar wants the best for our #changemakers, so we’re only too happy to tell you YOU’RE USING TOO MUCH TOOTHPASTE.
Since the 1940’s, huge toothpaste brands have been pushing their ‘cover every single toothbrush bristle with toothpaste until it’s a toothpaste soup situation’ campaigns, giving their unsuspecting customers the impression that they should be using 10 times more toothpaste than what’s needed.
Why? You’d have to ask them. Our guess? To keep those tubes empty and sales booming!
Here’s the 411: you only need a pea size dollop of toothpaste. That’s it.
If you’re using any more than than, all it’s doing is adding extra (and unnecessary) product which will will most likely be wasted when you spit it back in the sink, and keeping your oral care bill high.
In fact it’s not even the toothpaste doing most of the cleaning, it's the toothbrush bristles! But lucky for you you’re using our charcoal-infused bristle bamboo toothbrush (right..?).
So take it from us, you don’t need to cover the entire surface of your toothbrush to give your mouth the best bath. Just a pea size and good technique is all you need. And charcoal. But that’s a story for another day.

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